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After so much rain this summer, we finally got rained out two weeks ago. However, since then Mother Nature has been kind to us and we’ve finally dried out. The Fall crops have been planted and are looking great!  Broccoli, cabbage, yellow squash, zucchini, scalloped squash, kale and beets are all in our future.  Winter squash (butternut, acorn and spaghetti) are ready to be harvested. That will happen within the week. 

The chickens began their late summer molt a couple of weeks ago. This reduces egg production because they’re using most of their protein stores to make new winter feathers. This should end in the next few weeks and egg production will go back up. 

We replaced the second back tire of the summer on the tractor. It’s expensive and not something we financially needed, but it is what it is. The new tires should last a long time. It sure beats doing everything by hand!  

It’s been a long, hot, humid and downright moist summer. I’m ready for cooler nights with the windows open and cheaper electric bills. 


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Soup’s On!!

When the produce doesn’t look very pretty, it becomes vegetable soup. This soup contains yellow squash, fresh tomatoes, patty pan squash, eggplant, corn, a poblano pepper, sweet banana peppers, basil, potato, onion, okra, peas and carrots.  

Instead of throwing out the not-so-perfect produce, we make soup.




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Deliveries have begun

The first deliveries of the season went out yesterday!  It’s so nice to meet new friends and visit with the ones we made last year. We’re so proud to be able to feed families with local, healthy, fresh produce. 

The season always begins with greens. This week’s delivery contains farm fresh eggs, broccoli and lots of greens:  Two types of kale, beet greens, and Swiss chard. 

We’ll be coming around to visit with everyone soon!   

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Little things and high hopes

When we started our seeds this year, there was one tiny little runt that I chose not to plant. I was thinking it was too small. But my better half asked me to plant it, telling me he knew it would grow. So with little faith I planted that little tiny plant.

I was in for a surprise.


Our little plant was growing! It was 1/2″ tall when we planted it and look at it now! Sure, it’s not as big as the plant beside it but it’s growing.

Now, I see this:


There’s a little tiny tomato on the little plant that can. I have high hopes for the little plant. We’ll see…

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It’s amazing to watch the garden go from brown, plain dirt to┬árows of lush green.┬á Those tiny seeds, so gently planted in the rows, produce such wonderful foods that feed so many.┬á I’m honored that our produce is gracing the tables of so many families!

All is well in the garden.┬á With the exception of the final corn field (which will hopefully be planted this coming weekend, depending on the weather), everything is planted and looking great!┬á Every day there’s something new coming up and something new to see.


My favorite type of lettuce. I can’t wait to eat this!


These cabbage heads are beautiful!


Cayenne pepper plant is looking good!


Beautiful rows of corn, ready to be thinned.


Pea pods!!!


We should have a great crop of potatoes this year.


Little teeny tiny peppers showed up, seemingly overnight.


Sweet potatoes ­čÖé


I can’t wait to eat a delicious vine-ripened tomato fresh from the garden.