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New Kid in Town

There’s a new kid in town. Meet George. He’s a full-blooded Boer goat we picked up yesterday in Munfordville, KY. He was born on Feb. 1st, which makes him 3.5 months old. 
He has a very sweet disposition. He loves to walk around with us and be petted. 

Because Anikon (Goat) was the only goat we had for a year, I forget that he’s a dwarf until I see him next to a regular-sized goat. George is already bigger than Anikon!For the record, don’t let the pics fool you. It’s VERY hard to get good shots of animals that refuse to pose, no matter how nicely we ask them. šŸ˜‰


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This weekend, the potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and peppers were all planted. 10 rows of potatoes. 108 tomato plants. 3 varieties of eggplant. 3 varieties of bell pepper. Banana, poblano, jalapeƱo and Thai peppers. 

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It has been a rough night and day here on the farm! Clarence died last night from enterotoxemia. 

Some might say he was just a farm animal. No, he was a family friend who taught us much more. He brought us closer to friends and helped us make new ones. 

I would have never know that a goat could have so much personality if it wasn’t for Clarence. We have plans of having a small goat herd to help manage the farm and Clarence was the first. It will still happen just have to wait a bit now. 

He brought us a lot of joy, and from the comments we received many others too. He is missed. 


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Meet Zuzu!

Please welcome Zuzu to the farm!  She’s a Boar mix goat who recently turned one. In a few short months, she’ll be bred with our Clarence to make beautiful little kids!

when Clarence met Zuzu šŸ™‚

Additionally, yesterday was Ferdinand (AKA Cow)’s 1st birthday.  Of course, Farm Girl had to bake him a cake. Or two. One was for us, the other for him. She said she wrote “MEEHR” on the cake because that’s how he calls to us when we’re outside – as in “come MEEHR and feed me animal crackers!!”