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The 2016 CSA registration is open.


Happy New Year!  So far this winter, we’ve built a shelter for the cow and goat, installed a new watering system for the chickens and ducks, and dramatically increased the land area for the chickens (They’re allowed to free-range, but we have many predators, so their area is predator-proofed for their protection).

Our “To Do” list still includes to build a greenhouse, but it’s now time to open the 2016 season.  We’re scouring our seed catalogs and planning the garden layout.  This is the time to let you know if there’s anything you’d like for us to grow so we can include it.

To reserve your share of this year’s garden, please visit our “CSA – How to Join” tab.

We look forward to meeting you 🙂


Author: Jake's Run Farm

We’re figuring it out as we go along.

2 thoughts on “The 2016 CSA registration is open.

  1. Hi I have not orders anything from you before. Where are Yal located and what is the price of the registration

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