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When we pick greens, they’re tied into a bundle and stored in a cooler of fresh ice water with the stems down.  This is today’s items to be delivered:  Curly leaf kale, beet greens and lettuce. 



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Deliveries have begun

The first deliveries of the season went out yesterday!  It’s so nice to meet new friends and visit with the ones we made last year. We’re so proud to be able to feed families with local, healthy, fresh produce. 

The season always begins with greens. This week’s delivery contains farm fresh eggs, broccoli and lots of greens:  Two types of kale, beet greens, and Swiss chard. 

We’ll be coming around to visit with everyone soon!   

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A Little Silliness

We ordered foundation for the beehive frames. Basically, it’s sheets of beeswax that help the bees build up their stores more quickly. A few of them got messed up in the installation. Not wanting to let the wax go to waste, I stripped out the wires and made some candles.  

I took one to work with me and burned it to see how long it would last. Surprisingly, it lasted right at a full hour.  


It amused me to see how happy the candle was to have been burned… 

It’s not always work and seriousness on the farm šŸ™‚