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Thoughts and Updates

As time grows near to start making deliveries, we grow excited to meet new friends and being able to help feed their families. 

Each work day I spend my time thinking about what I can accomplish that afternoon, letting the anticipation build as 3:30 draws near. There is always so much you want and need to get done. Every afternoon is spent checking to see what has come up or blooming, the excitement to see what is new.

The rain may have delayed us a bit, but we’re looking at deliveries to begin with 2 weeks. Yay!!!


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OMU Health Fair Today

I had a lot of fun at the OMU Health Fair this morning. Met some really nice people. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth, said hello or chatted for a bit. It was nice to meet all of you. We’re thankful for the opportunity to meet new people and to be able to educate them about what we do and why we do it. 

If anyone needs any further information about our delivery service, we can be reached at 270.302.9468 via call or text. If you want to email us, use JakesRun@yahoo.com. 


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It was a busy day on the farm. We met my stepmom and niece for yard saling this morning, ate lunch at Cracker Barrel, picked up some rabbit fencing someone needed to give away (free!!!), then we headed home. 

The broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and 109 tomato plants went into the ground today. 

For anyone interested, this is what my fitness tracker looks like at this moment:  

I believe we will sleep well tonight. 

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A Girl and A Cow

There once was a girl who begged for a cow. For months she begged and begged. She wanted one so very badly. This is the moment when she finally met him. (She was at a sleepover last night.) She’s a very happy camper tonight. 

“This is the best thing ever,” she said quietly.


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A Busy Day and A New Arrival on the Farm

It seems there are not enough hours in the day. After work today, we laid out the drip line and the mulch for planting tomatoes this weekend.   It will be a single, 500′ row of a few different varieties. 


Two days ago, as we were on our way to the Archery Nationals in Louisville, we got a call from one of our neighbors. They had a 4-day old calf whose mama had died and they needed to find him a good home. Today, this cute little fella arrived:

He’s 6 days old and can empty a 2-quart bottle in less than 10 minutes. 

He arrived as the rain began to fall, so it’s hard to tell from the pics that he’s actually red. I’ll try to get better pics when he’s dry. For now, he doesn’t have a name. I’m sure we’ll think of something.