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You Can’t Take Me Anywhere…

Tonight, we’re at a dinner on farming. We dressed up a bit. I look down and saw this prime example of what it’s like to be a farm girl (note the heel):


I had to smile. I’m all dressed up and I have dirt on the heels of my shoes. It’s a rare occasion for me to dress
up. My normal clothes can get dirty and are built to be durable.

I wouldn’t change a thing. 🙂


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And so it begins…

We harvest a lot of our seeds from our own garden.  For example, our okra seeds have been around for 10 years.  We order the seeds we can’t harvest, or seeds for something new.  (There’s always something new in garden!)

We ordered seeds last night.  Such an exciting time!  It’s time to execute all of those winter plans.  Each year the garden is different.  Not only the varieties and locations of each plant, but the also feel of it.  It’s never the same experience twice.  Sure, it’s a lot of hard work and long days, but it’s something we truly enjoy. To know that our hands and effort produce food for other’s table is an honor.

We met so many wonderful people during last year’s inaugural season.  I was always amazed at the excitement people showed when we made their deliveries.  The smiles on their faces were a great and unexpected reward.  Kind words, laughter, recipes, and tips were shared.  We learned so much…

Here’s to season 2015!  We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones this season!  We hope to see you soon 🙂