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Why the name, “Jake’s Run”?

When the time came to name our farm, we tossed many names into the hat.  We’re a blended family, consisting of one husband, one wife, two daughters and one son (and 6 Beagles + 1 Basset who likes to pretend he’s a Beagle, but that’s another post).  Because my children share a different last name, we intentionally threw out all options containing last names.  The more we thought about it, the clearer the solution became….

Jake the dog had spent lots of time running rabbits on our land and thus probably knew the land better than we ever could.  Jake was loyal and kind – a good hunter – a great companion.  It made sense to honor Jake by naming the land he knew so well after him. 

This is Jake.  All around Good Dog. 

Jake passed away not long before Christmas 2013. Although he’s no longer with us, his spirit lives on 🙂